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April 2006

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Mystery Guest Blogger from

Allow me to be the first to leave a comment.
You are an excellent writer, and one of my favorite men in the whole world. I love you madly! Your SIL


I'll be durned! The MGB beat to it and made the first comment!

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Bro. I look forward to reading more from the Hoppy Mailman.


Mrs. Young

And I thought you were only playing Solitaire and making beer in our basement! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in the future - you are a good writer. I love you man! GO SOX!

Grapey Anal-ist

Well, I thought I would come up with my own name based on the dynamics of yours. I love wine and I'm a Type A Analyst.

I think this Blog thing is great, but I wouldn't have the time or creativity to keep up with it. You're awesome. Keep reminding me to check back.

Sorry about the Red Sox v White Sox outcome. Being a Cubs fan, I am happy to have some Baseball in the Chi-town in October, but still waiting for our Total Eclipse.

Love you and your wife!


So now both of my favorite uncles are blogging. Who'd have thunk it? They both have their own unique style, and they are equally awesome. Keep them coming. Reading them reminds me of the young girl I was, growing up with and being influenced by 2 of the finest men you could ever know. GREAT memories! I love you!


91zajB Hi Rabzebuddy! Google.

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